Testing testing testing.

My client Grafisch bedrijf de Bruin has been testing their cardboard pallets in an automated package station in Oude Pekela, at a hemp producing company named Hempflax.

Those of you who know me in person know that I simply love the making/manufacturing companies, and Hempflax is one ot those. At a friday afternoon they were willing to halt their usual processes and let us prove our point.

Thanks to Mark Reinders of Hempflax!

The results were as we expected, my video skills were less impressing. Still I’ve managed to make a small clip of it, to be placed at our companies youtube channel and of course on mine! https://youtu.be/hpngJ1uDw_E

Cardboard pallets

Our cardboard pallets are manufactured in Zuidbroek (NL) and have a wide array of possible uses, including the use of a robot as can be seen in the youtube clip.