re:publica, Berlijn: proposal to speak.

Een van de spraakmakende festivals, misschien te vergelijken met Lowlands, is re-publica in Berlijn.

Samen met het GOOE team hebben we ons aangemeld om te spreken over intrapreneurship, ondernemendheid in grotere organisaties en hoe je dat kan stimuleren. Helaas is het nog steeds niet gepubliceerd, dus we hebben geen idee of we in mei gaan spreken in Berlijn. Maar het denken erover en op papier zetten was sowieso een zinvolle actie.
Zowel de proposal als de voertaal op het festival zijn engels..

Intrapreneurship: Looking for solutions inside the box.

Short thesis:

Every organization has hidden skills and knowledge, most in the heads of employees. Using this power could improve the company’s success by reducing the need for resources and become a desired, profitable employer. Our workshop will be a steppingstone for employees and employers to start or enable intrapreneurship in their company.


Acting outside the box? Seriously, why?

Did you use all resources you could find inside that box? Say, you’re a not-so-simple worker at a (huge) corporation or at an SME, like a big supermarket where you’re one of the people filling the shelves or manning the checkout.

More and more companies are struggling with a workforce that often has more skills, better education than a lot of their line-managers. Some of them feel forced to build trenches like those in WW1, known for standstill, losses and no winners.
Another challenge is the changing of old values: Maximizing profit, unscrupulous use of resources, slave-like jobs in cheap factories on another continent or demanding 60 hours in a 40-hour contract: These situations are accepted less and less.

As an experienced, and rather smart employee, you have seen a lot of possible improvements, sometimes simple changes that could have a serious impact on the companies balance sheet, health of your colleagues and yourself and a better use of resources.

Management, like banks, are number driven so, give them numbers. It’s also a reality check for your plan, your startup or your dream.The basis always has to the improvement to the entity, drawn  up in numbers: Less sick leaves, lower turnover of staff, less costs or better prices. If your ideas demand little resources and show serious results this will improve your chances. The “language” of your plan should address the challenges of the reader.

Intrapreneurship is a form of hardship.

Convincing eager investors is easier than convincing layers of management, and the reward might not be as big as you’d expect. No IPO, no stocks or options. But it offers you a start of your entrepreneurship!

Our panel discussion will be centered around how to enable intrapreneurship in your company, whether you are a CEO, HR professional or a smart, brave employee. We hope this will help you get started.

And sure, as entrepreneurs ourselves we’ll certainly cover startups!