A new challenge.

I started at VVV Slochteren as a chairman in 2012 and now, six years and counting, later I am ending this project of regional marketing.

After my volunteering jobs E57 | Elverdesign was requested to create a new identity, Marketing Midden-Groningen, build an organisation and a community of entrepreneurs and stakeholders. Formal and informal contacts wit the provincial stakeholders, the cities of Menterwolde, Hoogezand-Sappemeer and Slochteren resulted in funding for a start of a regional marketing company that could promote tourism in the newly (2018) created Municipality of Midden-Groningen. After a renewal of my initial contract in 2017 it now is time to let other professionals take over and make Midden-Groningen the touristic pearl it is!

October 2018 will be the first month I won’t be involved with Marketing Midden-Groningen in 6 years, so I’ll get some more time to find challenging projects and interesting customers!

Auteur: JohnPeter

JohnPeter Elverding (1957) begeleidt ondernemers en ondernemingen op gebied van een duurzame toekomst, waarbij de winst een noodzaak is om duurzaam te kunnen groeien en waarbij kosten niet zozeer de laagste maar de voor iedereen beste kosten zijn.