The Elverding family

I, JohnPeter Elverding, sold my company EltraPol in 1995 to widen my horizon.
After some 15 years in our family SME, producing traffic signs and metal constructions, followed by a spin off that supplied parking equipment and developed/sold our own software I thought it was about time to go back to my roots, marketing and other things I learned at Nyenrode Businessschool, Rotterdamse Repetitoren and NIMA.

Philips, Dutch Railway System (NS), Mosion software and services, MF informatica, Royal KPN (hosting) and Buhrmann e-Platform were the more larger companies I had the pleasure of working at. Or with.
From that time on, say 2002, I went up and down like a yoyo, driven by yet another kind of passion: Sustainability and renewable resources like synthetic diesel and oil. It made me meet a lot of nice, and sometime terrible people, but it didn’t make me money, which in the end lead to selling off our house and start again. 50 indeed was like the new 25.
But some great things came out of that less than nice time like two daughters that developed an entrepreneurial spirit and a loving wife that blossomed from a secretary job to being a well respected consultant on communications and information to the city of Midden-Groningen.

Valentines day 2012 Kim (1988), Fleur (1991) and me went to the chamber of commerce to set up Elverdesign, a vehicle that could help them to pursue their studies and make use of their respective skills. “Sadly” for me they were quickly snatched away by larger companies and since 2014 Elverdesign is more or less alseep, with me building the odd website, design some furniture and create some innovative plans. When needed I could and can rely on my daughters but also on several professionals for graphic design, texts and photography.

Kim is now (2018) working in Australia as a project manager for an ICT company and Fleur is active as a consultant at Kantar Consultancy, one of the best marketing consultancy firms around.
Last but not least: Karin, my rcok for over 35 years, is a senior consultant of Communication in the city of Midden-Groningen, with two exhaustive files “Effects of Gas mining (Earthquakes)” and Care.