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Resume – Career

Relevant and concise overview:

I’m an independent mind, used to lateral looking at challenges; I have been an entrepreneur between 1988 and 1995 and from 1999 onwards. As for my experiences I’m generalist who has been active since 1976 in the fields of

Management Consultancy: Using innovation, imagination and reality checks to find new ways to a sustainable, profitable future.

Consultancy, Project management and ICT:

  • – Project manager, Project Director for redesigning the organisation for a multi country e-commerce project
  • – Setting up a chain of 20 business centres for telephone services; this included training sales and technical staff as well as coaching the dealers into success.
  • – As owner of ELTRA I was responsible for the managing of 3 ICT-engineers, matching the customers (or prospects) requirements with our software, manage GUI, testing as well as implementation,  customer service and continuation of the relations with the market in order to stay market leader.

HRM services

– Head-hunter/field manager in ICT and technical environments for several ICT and temp companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

Current projects:

Till the end of 2019 I’m having some kind of sabbatical to focus myself to create and meet new challenges, both in my home area of the Eemsdelta, more or less in the area Emden and Oldenburg (Germany) and Delfzijl/Groningen.)

– Personality:

I’m a self-starter, looking for new ways to master challenges; having a wide background enables me to communicate on all levels, from a minister to his driver to the service engineers. My major skills are listening and interpreting words, both spoken and unspoken and I’m trained but still impatient in long term dealing with customers’ decision processes. I’m used to build on long-term win-win relationship with my customers and I’m very much interested in the motivation of people, the way they make up their mind and what makes them tick.

Apart from that I’m interested in technology, like ICT, petro-chemical and waste to raw materials and energy conversion as well as in photography, architecture and cross culture cooperation. I’m fluent in Dutch and English, both in speech and in writing. I’m able to communicate easily with civil servants in Germany but the writing is not my strongest point. I have a basic knowledge of French and I have a full drivers licence (B-E). My wife and I are used to my extensive and long term travelling in N-W Europe.


In 30-odd years of experience one loses track of some of the some 30+ projects and assignments one has been involved in. I have tried to recap the major ones and combine others to a more manageable list. If so desired I gladly elaborate on some of them in a meeting, either on line or face-to-face.

Start – End Company Description  
2015 – 2018 Marketing Midden-Groningen Redesign a tourist-office for a small town to a marketing organisation for a 60K-town: Design, Implement and Coach until a new director is appointed, which was planned and executed for Fall 2018.  
1979-  ongoing Consulting, Interim action Coaching Several minor projects for small and midsized companies on strategy, goal getting and operational support. Major fields are marketing and sales as well as cost cutting.  
1982 – 1995 Elverding & Kruijff verkeersborden, E&K Parkeergroep ELTRA Parkeergroep
(My first entrepreneurship)
Started as a junior sales rep I started as a BU manager on parking in 1984, when we became importer and distributor for CALE parking equipment. We later branched out to GPE payment and barrier systems. In 1988 I became owner of the company and we started developing software for IBS Radix handhelds and later for the German Politess hardware. In 1995 I sold my company to gain more experiences in other branches and with other customer groups.  
1996 – 1997 PHILIPS BCE, Eindhoven I was asked to change the focus of distributorship for mid-sized ISDN switches and services like IVR. Investments were made in the development of a VAR chain; both shop-in-shop design and production but also in manuals for sales and technicians as well as customer telephone trainers. I was involved in the coaching of the dealers and their staff, training them and join them when visiting key-customers.  
1997 – 1998 NS Data- en Telecom services This part of Dutch Railway Operator NS was responsible for the buying and maintaining ticket vending machines and back offices for passengers tickets (Ascom, Siemens). It had to be made fit to be sold; being a lethargic, labour-benefits focussed had to be changed into customer focussed and market-like pricing; costs were up to 200% of standard market practice. By implementing knowledge data basing and customer involvement we improved the services and costs.  
1999-2004 MS-I MF informatica Wigro Entrada AIDA Sales manager ICT services, sourcing hard to find staff, filling ICT vacancies with own or hired staff, creating new services bases on fixed desktop costs and a national, 24/7 monitoring service in our headquarters. These were temp jobs as well as assignments in combination with other projects  
1999 – 2008 HRM services IMONWENS   Sourcing and finding technical skills (mid, high and top level) in ICT, (petro-) chemicals, process industry as well as marketing, marcom and sales. Partly in combination with other suppliers, partly within my own set up.  
2004 – 2007 Areopa Setting up a structure for a consulting company focussing on intellectual capital management and change. (Belgium)  
2000 – 2002 Hosting provider Internation paper production and sales company I was hauled in as a project manager to restore customer satisfaction of an e-commerce platform but I ended up as a project director, being under scrutiny by the executive boards of two AEX-NYE companies. This led to the creation of a full services and customer contact centre, a 24/7 monitoring and technical stand-by services. The customer produced paper in 9 EU countries and distributed paper and office supplies in all EU-countries and the USA. Shortly after finishing the project I was hired by the customer to optimize the outsourcing delivered by my former client; both boards agreed upon this assignment, so there was no conflict of interests.  
2004 Handyparking (Germany) I was hired by a German company to realise a pilot of cell phone payment for vendor machines, to be started with ticketing machines. Some 50 machines (in Bremen, Düsseldorf and Cologne) were converted and after some serious software and hardware changes it became a reliable set up. Downsides were high costs and cities that were facing cuts decided to reduce the percentage of ticket sales, which then killed the project.  
2004 – ongoing EcoDock GreenDock Steinkoele Magnegas Eco2Eco NIL tech Clyvia I have been involved in several projects on converting all kinds of waste into raw materials and clean energy. In spite of tremendous efforts and several millions of Euros invested these projects never reached maturity (in the Netherlands/Europe) I have been involved in obtaining Magnegas sales leads with Dutch farmers in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. EcoDock moved to China, Magnegas is producing and selling gas in the USA and some global markets but not yet in the EU; legislations and restrictions stifled a lot of these projects. I was involved in either/or marketing, staffing and intellectual capital but also as an investor.  
2009 – 2010 German supplier Feasibility study into a foray into the Dutch market (development and sales of software), improving contacts between dealers and production as well as being responsible for a stand on a major tradeshow.  
2012 – 2015 Importer for bikes New marketing- and business plan, dealer management and being a critical friend to the owners and stakeholders.  
2015 – 2018 Marketing Midden-Groningen Redesign a tourist-office for a small town to a marketing organisation for a 60K-town: Design, Implement and Coach until a new director is appointed, which was planned and executed for Fall 2018.  
1979-  ongoing Consulting, Interim action Coaching Several minor projects for small and midsized companies on strategy, goal getting and operational support. Major fields are marketing and sales as well as cost cutting.  

Personal Details

– Education:

When I graduated Business Economics at the Ring of Rotterdamse Repetitoren an MBA was not a Dutch possibility. As the RRR collapsed in the early nineties there was no possibility to convert my diploma into an MBA.

I went to school in 1960 and have been learning ever since; my studies and experiences included several methods of marketing and communication, ICT, project management as well as cost cutting and psychology of success.

I have a full EU-drivers licence and a personal car.

– Extra curricular:

I have been participating in several local projects and groups, managed sponsors for a soccer club and so on. Due to our relocation and changes in some organisations I have decided in 2018 to let go of my longstanding extracurricular positions, apart from being an anchor in local TV and radio. Wil change in 2019 though.

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