Elverdesign & E57 (English)

Early 2012 my daughters Kim, Fleur and me went to register Elverdesign at the local Chamer of Commerce (KvK). We all hoped it would boost the girls careers in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. An it did!

Now Kim is an IT-implementation consultant, based in Brisbane and travelling all around Australia, and Fleur is senior consultant for an international consultancy, serving customers in France, Ireland and based in Amsterdam.

I still use the name whenever I can help clients with a website, SEO and SEA but it’s not peaking like it did in 2012 and 2013.
My passion is more in assisting companies and managers in transition than building and maintaining a website.

Still, it’s part of my services and partly even fun.

I guess it’s the fun factor, the designing and testing of new tools, features and hypes that puts my own digital presence to the “later”-level 🙂