In an ever changing world..

Change is the only constant. Which is fine with me, as I like the un-predictability of life, of humans and last but not least, my self, or, as I use to call it: My inner adolescent. This site will be dedicated per mid 2018 to my personal love of architecture, nature and photography next to some design stints by Elverdesign.
Business-wise I’ll be focussing on marketing, sales and business administration. Just the way I am ­čÖé

Opnieuw beginnen | A new start

Soms moet je je website opfrissen, informatie nieuw rangschikken en veel verwijderen. Voorjaarsschoonmaak 2018 dus.
Alles wordt aangepakt, dus ook de kleuren en de foto’s.

Sometimes one has to clean ones website, reduce the information overkill and give it a new outlook. Spring celaning 2018!
Everything will be changed, inclusing the pictures and colors.