Digital reality.

However annoying, frustrating or tiresome it is, we won’t go back to the old days of pre covid-19 travels soon, if at all. Maybe notfor the workers in factories and hospitals, but a lot of work done at an office can be outsourced to home offices. Like parts of my job: Creating plans and giving help. I know of one person who flew once or twice a week from Amsterdam to London, or railwayed to Paris or Brussels for meeting special customers. Now she’s once a week (or less…) in Amsterdam and the rest of her work is done from home. 6 hours a day at zoom to her is just a happy day :\

It’s draining energy, and there’s no easy way out.

When you travel, you break your rhythm, even if you take a street car or a train for 10 or 15 minutes. Driving, not to mention cycling, also has that disruptive effect on your brain and hence on your thought processes. We need these disruptions to be able to focus on the next challenge. So are coffee breaks at a workshop, alcohol free drinks and dinner before the evening sessions: They are necessary disruptions. Not just from your work but also from your work-space, an important change of environment. Some stretching and just leaving your chair for the loo and a brew isn’t enough.

What to do? Planning and plan even more.

First of all, start your day fresh, which means breaking your routine and do some breathing in front of your window. Stare at whatever you want to stare at, take long deep breaths and feel the air flow into the outer parts of your longs. Then do some basic stretching and get behind your device. It might be a good idea to switch your computer on before the staring andstretching, just make sure the sound is muted. Saves some time, no need to be ineffective! Plan your meetings for max 90 minutes, 60 are better. Than plan 7 minutes for other activities. Do not check your mail and apps in these 7 minutes. Next devote max 20 minutes to check all really necessary business account and relax for 3 minutes before you go again. Make sure your brew and some water are at hand for the next 90 minutes. I knew, you might feel like a whimp when you propose this to your manager or client but when they get used to it they’ll notice the benefits themselves as well. Furthermore limit your calls to max 3 customer calls and 2 internal ones. It will be useful just to app that one colleague and check upon him or her. Give some compliments and prepare for a night without a screen. Books are still printed on paper, and so are magazines. I’m not doing most of these things at the moment either, but my customer is a production company and there has to be somebody around and my car still is my office. But this week a new lockdown is looming so my plans are set like this. #staysafe_besmart.