Sssstttt… Let’s walk into the forest and be still. Just say nothing. Just stand there for a second. You can close your eyes, or feast them on the beauty around you. But be still. Hear how the world comes alive around you.

You stay still and will hear only the sound of the trees. In the breath of Mother Earth, their leaves are moving gracefully. Alternating showing or blocking the bright rays of the sun. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. Is that a bird you hear?
You stay still. Yes! It is a bird. But he’s not alone, there are more birds. You hear the chirping of three birds. You can’t locate them, but you can hear them. One raises its voice as in a competition with the others. His sound is beautiful. A brief smile appears on your face.
You stay still. Is there something else? Yes, there is. It’s not a bird, it’s heavier. It doesn’t have a voice, but it’s there. It sounds like it’s dragging its tummy over the leafy floor. It stops, and moves.
You stay still. Is the sound coming from your left or right? Or maybe in front of you… Yes, yes, it is on your right. Under the bushes.
You stay still and move slowly towards the sound. There it is… You found it. By listening to the world, you are now looking at this beautiful creature.
You stay still. Are you curious what the creature is? Go out there and look, listen for it. If you listen to your silence, Mother Nature will make you smile and cry of beauty.

Give this text to a person you trust, with a voice and personality that calms you down. Have him or her read this to you. And be still. Listen to the voice. Listen to your silence. Listen to the words and let yourself be transported to another world. A world so close to you, that you’re probably overlooking it constantly.

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