“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Things have changed since Thumper said this for the first time on Disney’s Bambi. The nasty, hurtful comments on the internet are countless and it’s hard to find the few genuine nice comments. Instead of changing the internet, lets bring compliments back into the real world.

When you have a burnout or are just consumed with your own life, you’ll probably have trouble finding things to compliment on. You won’t notice your colleagues new dress, or the cologne of the postman. And that’s OK. Believe me, I’ve been there. Where I didn’t notice that my mother had changed things in the living room, even though the couch I was sitting on was brand new.

But when you do notice it and put the energy in complimenting that person. He or she will smile and that smile will find it’s way to your face. Even if it’s only a faint smile for just a second…positive energy for everyone!

Try to make an exercise out of it. Start by doing it once a week. Every Saturday (or whatever day suits you, just make sure you see people) you’ll find something that is nice about someone close to you and you’ll say it out load. Write down what you said and how it made you both feel. If you feel up to it, increase the frequency and compliment people further away from you. You’ll see that it gets easier and will make your world a little more positive.

Don’t overdo it though, no one likes a brown noser 😉


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