Monday March 28 2016. Second Easter day in the Netherlands. For me it was even more special.
That day I stepped on the Qatar flight to Uganda.
That day I slipped into a new chapter of my life.
That day I started a fight for the person I thought was lost. Me. The real me, whoever that was.

That day was exactly two years ago today. But my fight started long before that. When I started high school, I was filled with dreams, ambitions and ideals. That girl got pushed away by doubt, labels and insecurities. She was not allowed to exist.

Since then, I can look back on many moments of joy, hope and dreams. I have met the most colourful people of all corners of the world. I have come to know who my real friends are. I have tried to follow my dreams.

There were also moments of despair, depression and burnout. I have laid on the floor of my room, crying. I have hated the girl in my reflection so, so much. I have felt so much shame about feeling down and unhappy, that I never shared much of these feelings. Not with my closest friends and family, not with a therapist, not with the internet. But that’s about to change.

Full of excitement I to present to you: The B Word. A place where people who have lost themselves, their way and dreams can come to be cheered up and understood. I will share stories of myself and some of my closest friends. About Breaking, Burnouts and Blaming. About finding Beauty, Bliss and Balance. And maybe about Brownies and Butterflies. Just Because.

Two years ago, I left. Some might say I was fleeing away from my troubles. I’d say, I was fighting a fight, I apparently couldn’t win at home. But finally, I won. The girl in my reflection now, is new to me. I’ve never met her before, but is filled with inexhaustible love and familiar dreams. She feels good in her skin and that shows by how she glows. She is happy. She is me. And I can’t wait to share her story.


P.S. If you have feedback, tips or just would like to share your story, feel free to leave a comment under a post or contact me via the Contact page.

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  1. Beste beslissing ooit! Je bent prachtig van binnen en van buiten en ik ben heeeeel blij voor je dat het kwartje is gevallen en dat je het zelf in ziet! Heel veel liefde voor jou! X

  2. Kim!
    This is such a powerful and important blog, I think there are tons of people out there going through these emotions everyday.
    What a wonderful turn out, to get to know a new “you”, after all the painful emotions you’ve been facing within.
    This thing called life – it’s a Beauty and, at times, a Beast.
    Much love! ❤

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