I Belong to me

The lyrics in musical songs have the power to move me, make me think and bring the unexpected tear to my eye. The song I belong to me from the musical Elisabeth did that like no other. Its power, its relevance and so recognisable. That’s why I like to share it with you. Don’t use a tissue, just […]

Listen to silence

Sssstttt… Let’s walk into the forest and be still. Just say nothing. Just stand there for a second. You can close your eyes, or feast them on the beauty around you. But be still. Hear how the world comes alive around you. You stay still and will hear only the sound of the trees. In […]

Flight or Fight?

Monday March 28 2016. Second Easter day in the Netherlands. For me it was even more special. That day I stepped on the Qatar flight to Uganda. That day I slipped into a new chapter of my life. That day I started a fight for the person I thought was lost. Me. The real me, […]

Say something nice

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Things have changed since Thumper said this for the first time on Disney’s Bambi. The nasty, hurtful comments on the internet are countless and it’s hard to find the few genuine nice comments. Instead of changing the internet, lets bring compliments back […]