Interviews rondom de lockdown economie.

Ik werd gevraagd om interviews af te nemen bij kleinere ondernemers die het zwaar hebben of wie of juist heel goed gaan in deze vreemde tijd.  Dat past bij mij en dus ga ik dat doen. Digitaal, via zoom en passend in de werktijden van een ondernemer én van mijn opdracht in Zuidbroek. Interesse? Na de break meer!

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GTeX: An experiment to brand myself better

Yep, I’m learning all the time, on a lot of subjects.

Branding is part of my toolkit, but branding myself, well, that’s a different ball park. I’m also aware of the fact of being a bit blunted by all the social tools I have seen and used, like six degrees, ICQ, MSN and so many less known, that suddenly or gradually disappear. So using the last fab tool is, well, yawning. And that’s wrong, so I decided to heed a challenge of Simone Vincenti whom I met on BASE 2020, a virtual network meeting.

Which has lead me from a free to a paid plan, but more importantly it gives me a chance tomeet some nice people. Professional that will collaborate on each others branding, posts and, in a way, our business future.