Digital reality.

However annoying, frustrating or tiresome it is, we won’t go back to the old days of pre covid-19 travels soon, if at all. Maybe notfor the workers in factories and hospitals, but a lot of work done at an office can be outsourced to home offices. Like parts of my job: Creating plans and giving help. I know of one person who flew once or twice a week from Amsterdam to London, or railwayed to Paris or Brussels for meeting special customers. Now she’s once a week (or less…) in Amsterdam and the rest of her work is done from home. 6 hours a day at zoom to her is just a happy day :\

It’s draining energy, and there’s no easy way out.

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Testing testing testing.

My client Grafisch bedrijf de Bruin has been testing their cardboard pallets in an automated package station in Oude Pekela, at a hemp producing company named Hempflax.

Those of you who know me in person know that I simply love the making/manufacturing companies, and Hempflax is one ot those. At a friday afternoon they were willing to halt their usual processes and let us prove our point.

Thanks to Mark Reinders of Hempflax!

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