Changes: House, office and servers

Lot going on: We’re in the middle of a move to Meedhuizen, so the next month I’ll be busy painting, carrying and working to get my new office up and running. My webhosting is now, after some 10 years of four different webhosts, reduced to one for business and one for experimenting. Next few days some of the domains may not direct you to the right pages. If so, please drop me a line! Thanks and cheers!

Business2humans basically

An interesting article explaining and proofing what I’ve been using all my life! Continue reading “Business2humans basically”

CV JohnPeter (JP) Elverding

E57 is de basis voor mijn opdrachtnemerschap op gebied van marketing en bedrijfskunde. Elverdesign houdt zich bezig met web-design en onderhoud. Daarom Meest recente…

Opnieuw beginnen | A new start

Soms moet je je website opfrissen, informatie nieuw rangschikken en veel verwijderen. Voorjaarsschoonmaak 2018 dus.
Alles wordt aangepakt, dus ook de kleuren en de foto’s.

Sometimes one has to clean ones website, reduce the information overkill and give it a new outlook. Spring celaning 2018!
Everything will be changed, inclusing the pictures and colors.