Business2humans basically

An interesting article explaining and proofing what I’ve been using all my life! Continue reading “Business2humans basically”

CV JohnPeter (JP) Elverding

E57 is de basis voor mijn opdrachtnemerschap op gebied van marketing en bedrijfskunde. Elverdesign houdt zich bezig met web-design en onderhoud. Daarom Meest recente…

Getting along

Things are speeding up now. My stint at Marketing Midden-Groningen presumably end this summer, which, after an involvement of some 5 years, will be some kind of strange.
Transfollow, or better PrintCMR, is starting to demand more time, more efforts and we hope that by the end of this year the numbers of TF-users in th BeNeLux will have reached the critical mass. Continue reading “Getting along”